and Territory

The story of six fellow travellers.

Puglia is a region that stretches for about 400 kilometres, along a plain that declines to sea level the further south you go.

Six provincial capitals with around four million inhabitants and 23 or more language dialects. If this information were to speak, it would tell us of a fragmented, divided territory. But this is not the case.

Diversity that makes a difference.

Puglia, on the other hand, is one and united, and has made this diversity its strengths: every difference makes a difference.

The mild climate and the seas that bathe it along almost all of its perimeter contribute to an almost tangible sense of well-being that marks the lifestyle of those who live in this region.

A place that feels good.

It’s true, you don’t cross Puglia by chance, to get somewhere else: Puglia is a destination you choose, for holidays, for work, to live, to feel well.

Puglia is a way of life.